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Bluebird Medical Centre

Dr. Solomon Motsiri | Dr. Elizabeth Perri

Important Clinic Information and Updates

Flu Shots are now available
Please call (778-477-6390) or message the office to book an appointment.  

Dr. Alisha Gray will be joining our clinic in January. 
Our doctors are currently NOT accepting patients. 

Dr. Motsiri will be away November 14 to December 16, 2022
Dr. Tessa Van Tol and Dr. David Whiting have kindly agreed to care for Dr. Motsiri's patients in his absence. Dr. Whiting will be available for urgent matters November 14 to November 24, 2022. If it is not an urgent matter, please wait for Dr. Van Tol or Dr. Motsiri to return. We appreciate your patience. Dr. Van Tol will be available to see patients Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursday from November 28 to December 15.  For more information, please click here.

Reminder: Please book prescription refills 2 weeks in advance. ALL prescription refills require a telephone appointment with your doctor.

We are looking for a new physician to join our team!

Last updated November 20, 2022

This list is regularly updated, so please check back for the latest information! 

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We Provide Services Not Covered By The Medical Services Plan


  • Complete physical examination in a healthy individual

  • CCP, MOT, or insurance company examination

  • Sports or camp fitness examination

  • Industrial first aid examination


  • Cosmetic liquid nitrogen

  • Cosmetic mole/lesion excision

  • Influenza vaccination for those not covered by MSP


  • Insurance company form for time off/ disability

  • Illness/ absenteeism note for school or work

  • Long term care admission/

  • Employer's work capability form

  • Government UIC form

  • Handy-Dart form


  • Off work letter

  • Medical - Legal Reports

  • Medical advice by letter

  • Insurance company letters

Because these services are not covered by MSP, private fees may be applicable. See service fees here

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If urgent, please contact the office directly at (778) 477-6390

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